Living in Wisconsin, I take the time to enjoy the weather when I can by getting on a bike. If it's too dark, I go down to the wood shop and work on a project. And when I'm not taking care of the yard or the house, I'm at a computer, building web applications and websites.

Throughout my professional career (since 2006), I've grown as a developer, a leader, and a mentor. My education has helped me bring the technical to the less technical for quick understanding. I've build many websites, always at the cusp of new technology. Whether the code's PHP or ColdFusion, the resulting HTML passes validation. I keep up-to-date with the new technologies, new methodologies, and new frameworks, keeping in mind the goals of the clients and how they can best use this new technology to meet those goals.


  • Skills and Experience: PHP, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript including AJAX and JSON, ColdFusion

  • Frameworks and Methodologies: CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, WordPress, MovableType, jQuery, Webstandards, MVC

  • Server and Applications: LAMP, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux, MySQL, MS SQL, Git, SVN