BlogCFC to MovableType anyone?

Ever had the need to move blog data from one platform to another? If you've ever worked with clients or more than one blog before, you're sure to have your own favorite blogging platform. Maybe it's MovableType, Blogger, Wordpress, or maybe even BlogCFC. If you're lucky enough, maybe you'll be moving from one platform to another that's made by the same company. Six Apart at least at sometime owned or operated MovableType, Blogger, Vox, and LiveJournal, and typically have a really easy way of porting data from one to the other. Wordpress has a couple of nice tools to importing from other platforms as well. But what I have noticed is that many of these platforms lack one major import tool. And that's the one from what was the only ColdFusion Markup Language blog, BlogCFC.

I set out to correct that problem, at least for exporting from BlogCFC and importing into MovableType. Luckily there's a basic import from plain text file available in MovableType. However, I didn't find a real good example of what that text file would look like provided the blog article had all the information possible in it. Luckily, I had used a plugin that populated a blog with all kinds of data so I could export it easily into the plain text file and make sure all the data stored in BlogCFCs databases could be written to that file.

Eventually I came out with a CFML file that did the trick when connecting to a MS SQL database. Looking quickly at the SQL, it should also work for MySQL databases, but I make no guarantees. Feel free to download it here and take a peek.

This is a version 1 and with that statement comes the call for feature requests and ways to make your life easier. Here's what I want to add so far:

  • Selectable Datasource
  • Input for column prefix
  • Checkbox for including pings/trackbacks
  • Input for blog to export
Mostly, those would all be accomplished with a GUI. I'm not a fan of having to always change code while using a tool, so why should I make other people do that?


ColdfusionDownload it now!

Note: This file has been lost in transitioning sites. I apologize for the inconvenience.