Farewell, South Carolina

It's with a partially sad demeanor that I'll be leaving South Carolina in just 15 days. It's been a long — very long — three and a half years here. Had some experiences, did a lot of lazing around, but now I'm off back to the frozen north and couldn't be more excited.

There's been a lot of "Top Lists" around the internet lately. And their completely random like "Top 53 new websites for designers", or "Top 18 reasons to dance on your head". Keeping with that, I've composed not one, but two top lists.

Top 3 Things I Will Miss About Myrtle Beach

  1. The Myrtle Beach Volleyball Club - a great group of volleyball players
  2. Grand Strand Bicycles - the best bike shop on the grand strand. They sell Specialized and give the best advice on riding style, garmets, and equipment.
  3. The friends I've made.


Top 5 Things I Will Not Miss About Myrtle Beach

  1. Dripping Humidity
  2. Blatant disregard for bicycles on the road
  3. People riding their bikes on the wrong side of the road.
  4. Palmetto Bugs (HUGE cock roaches)
  5. Over air conditioned stores and offices.