I'm Engaged!

Quite a bit has happened since I've moved from South Carolina to the dying metropolis of Fond du Lac, WI. So much in fact, that I haven't even bothered to write anything. Alright, maybe not really, but still... Here's a quick update on the projects I've been working on and the things I've been up to.

  • Moved from SC to WI
    • Barely found a place to live that wasn't a college studio apartment.
    • Traveled for 3 days with a Penske Truck with stops in Indianapolis, Peoria, and Madison.
    • Didn't touch the gas or brake pedal for 45 miles while coasting downhill out of the mountains on I-40
    • Fit everything I owned in a 16 foot truck and my trailered car with just enough room to pick up a couch from my sister and a table/chairs set from my brother.
    • Got to my new house only to find out the renovations weren't complete.
    • Moved in anyway started work the following week at Moraine Park Technical College as "Webmaster" (I really, really hate that title.)
  • Got to go skiing in December.
    • Hit up Pine Mountain in Marquette, MI
    • Broke my bindings the week before, so I had to use my ski blades and my snow board instead of skiing while trying to teach someone to ski.
    • Drove through a pretty huge snow storm on the way back down US-141 where the snow was so deep it was reading the underside of my car.
  • Started development of text-board.
    • Took over development of what's now one of the best text messaging marketing campaign management tools available on the web with OIR Interactive, LLC.
    • Launched the new site and application to a good audience.
    • Learned a ton about SMS messaging and aggregators and more about how terrible AT&T is as a carrrier.
  • Purchased a new bike.
    • I wanted a single speed, so with the help from the guys at The Bike Shop in Houghton, MI, I found the perfect one for me. The 2010 Jamis Beatnik.
  • Moved my girlfriend back to WI from MN.
    • Started out with a uhaul truck way too small.
    • Penske came to the rescue with a 16 footer that we filled way too full of stuff for only having a 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Bought an engagement ring from the fine peope at Kessler's Diamonds.
    • Proposed on a glorious Friday in June while in the twin cities.
  • Started planning a wedding.
    • This is turning out to be a little more work than anticipated with a 450+ guest list at the moment.

Can't really believe I've been that busy in this past year. Oh, how the time flies...