Model-Glue 3 Alpha

This last weekend at cf.objective(), Joe Reinhart gave a presentation about what's new and upcoming in Model-Glue 3 (gesture) and then announced its alpha release. That night I downloaded it and got it running with the 6 4-bit Coldfusion 8.0.1 with Apache 2.2 on OS X leopard in no time at all. However, on my test machine running Fedora Core 9 I had a few problems.

I had Model-Glue 2 (unity) up and running with no problems so I thought I'd just extract MG3 over the top of it. I updated the mapping and tried to load the modelglueapplicationtemplate in my browser only to get the infamous "Could not find the included template /ModelGlue/gesture/ModelGlue.cfm." error. I checked and rechecked the path only to see that it was right each time. As usual I jumped into the terminal and started traversing through the directories.

For some reason unknown to me, I tossed a [jameaghe@shindaiwa]# ls -la into the folder that holds all my "coldfusion frameworks" and noticed that the newly extracted ModelGlue folder had drwx------ permissions meaning only the owner had any access. I switched it quickly to drwxr-xr-x and refreshed the browser. BAM! the template was up and running.

I did wonder why the default permissions were 700 on that directory, but I'm hoping that will be remedied in later releases. Or, quite possibly, I'm only supposed to give my webserver user access to those files. Still, though, giving write access to the webserver user to framework files scares me a bit. Until the next release, I'll just wait in wonder.