Myrtle Beach: Thanks for Visiting

Just driving to work the other day, I got behind a Myrtle Beach police car that was heading to its headquarters -- which just so happens to be only a few short blocks from my office.  The thing that caught my eye this time was not how old the police car was (most of the county and state have gone to 2006+ Chevy Impalas, and this was still an older-style Ford Crown Victory) but what it said on the car.  It had the normal, "we're here to protect, but call us if you're in trouble" stuff.  So I got to thinking about what the city slogan of Myrtle Beach because I didn't know if there was one.  The only other phrase on the police cruiser was "Thanks for visiting."

There's not much more to say except I have been living the last 18 months in a city that promotes not wanting anyone to stay here. I'm starting to get more and more surprised they aren't trying to kick all the transplants out after reading that slogan. Nothing like dropping the proverbial "we don't like you so get out of our town after your visit" bomb.

Myrtle Beach, SC -- Thanks for Visiting!