Myrtle Beach Volleyball

Recently I got involved with a volleyball group in Myrtle Beach, SC. It's a bunch of B-level people of all ages getting together 2-3 times a week playing some semi-competitive ball. We play in the sand, on the beach, on the grass, and in the gym. There are even times when we have some tournaments.

A few of us decided that we need a website to communicate when and where to play, links to volleyball equipment, and all around camaraderie. We tossed a quick site up using Weebly and actually got some traffic to it!

Some of the people that found us through the website were from Virginia and just down for the 4th of July extended weekend. Turns out they took a little video of us playing and emailed it back to us. I'm the guy in the blue, and I swear this was probably my only semi-decent hit I had all evening.

If you're in the Myrtle Beach area and would like to play some volleyball, check us out at for times and places. We'll have a much more robust site soon. There's even a home page design for your pleasure below the video.