A few weeks ago we were checking out the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore in town since I'd never been there before. We waded through the typical old tile, vanities, sinks, and even a few microwaves. Then we found a table -- probably the coolest tables I've ever seen.  It looks like a buffet, but pulls out to be a dinner table to a length of just under 7 feet long! At first look, the price tag seemed a little pricy, but after some research, it turns out that it was well worth it.

I had to go back the next day they were open to purchase it, figuring it would fit into the back seat of my ION. Unfortunately, I was mistaken by only about two inches! So the helpful ReStore clerk helped me lift it onto the truck, where we tied it in with my jumper cables.  I have since put the bungees and ties back into my trunk. I've never driven the roads of Fond du Lac so slowly in my life nor do I plan to ever again.

Expand-o-matic closed
Expand-o-matic front open
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Expand-o-matic accordion
Expand-o-matic Saginaw Furniture Stamp